There’s No Such Thing As A “Normal” Headache

It’s scary to think about how many times I’ve heard a practice member tell me, “it’s just a normal headache….” Stop right there! Why would anyone think that a headache is normal?! I found myself in that situation in college, though. I had headaches so frequently – often for weeks on end, that I started to think they were just a normal part of daily life. In fact, I think there were periods of time that I forgot what it felt like not to have a headache. This is what lead me to a chiropractic office for the first time!


Let me be clear – just because headaches are common, certainly does not mean they should be accepted as something a person just has to deal with! Perhaps it’s the quantity and frequency of headache-relief medication commercials on TV, or the plethora of over-the- counter remedies making headaches seem like just a “normal” part of life. Over the years, I’ve heard patients complain of normal sinus headaches, tension headaches, even migraine headaches…..none of which should be just accepted as “normal.” What I’ve found is truly the most unfortunate aspect of headache pain, however, isn’t even the pain itself. When I experienced headaches, I simply wasn’t myself. I was irritable, tired, uninterested in doing things I’d normally enjoy – and less understanding and present with those I love. My loved ones were suffering from my headaches, too!

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic doesn’t “treat” any condition – but rather optimizes the body’s health level and healing potential. Many people see their chiropractor for relief of headache pain, however, because it seems the tension and stress that leads to the symptoms of headache pain is alleviated with specific chiropractic adjustments. I’m thankful that for as many times as I’ve heard about a practice member’s “normal” headache – I’ve heard almost as many times from many of those same people about the instantaneous relief they often experience as a result of chiropractic care. Simple but important chiropractic assessments will determine if chiropractic care could be beneficial for anyone looking for answers. X-Rays can determine if your body has premature degeneration occurring, or if there are postural abnormalities that need to be addressed – and a neurological assessment can determine the amount of nerve pressure present so appropriate care recommendations can be made.

Additional Tips

There are many reasons a person might experience headache pain, and why there could be irritation to the nerves responsible for the control over those areas of the body. Dehydration is one of the most common, therefore consuming appropriate amounts of water daily can help tremendously. Postural changes area also a precipitating factor. Pay close attention to how you sit at your desk, your body’s alignment when you drive, how tall you stand, and what your sleeping posture is like. Chronic inflammation can also be a factor, making nutritional changes a beneficial consideration as well..


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