The Holiday Bug

“I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop, at the same bench was not. Why? What difference was there in these two persons that caused one to have various diseases, while his partner escaped?”

-DD Palmer, DC (when asked how he discovered Chiropractic)


Our middle son, Drake, came home from school early the last day before Christmas. As I picked him up the school nurse commented that she knew something was up because Drake never complains and doesn’t ever seem to be sick. I gave my typical response of “Health experiences today make us stronger tomorrow.” As I walked away I hears someone say “I wish my kids were that lucky.” I dropped him at home and he slept most of the afternoon and by the time I returned from work that evening was already looking better. By the next morning he was back to his normal self – eating everything in sight and annoying his older brother. Yep, he was over it already.


It’s common in the office this time of year to hear someone mentioning that they had just been to their family Christmas and for the first time didn’t come home with a sick family. In my usual style, I ask them why they think that might be. My feelings on luck are clearly illustrated in my infamous “I’m the Least Lucky Guy You Know” post from a few years back. Lots of families recognize that now that they know better they eat a little smarter when at holiday events. Whenever posed with such a question in our office most practice members know to tie it back to the nervous system and I’m proud to say that this year they’re batting .1000.

This is Chiropractic?

Structure dictates function. Function dictates health. And all of it affects how we feel. Chiropractic deals with all of these aspects quite beautifully. The brain controls everything in our body including our immune system. When we have disturbance anywhere along the spinal cord or any other nerves our body’s ability to function moves away from 100% efficiency. The further away from our 100% we move, the less likely we’ll be able to fight off the next bug floating around the office, school, or family gathering.


I’m certainly not claiming that we never get sick, I’ve even blogged about that experience (see “I Want a Big Greasy Slice of Pizza.”) What I am telling you with certainty is that when you function closer to your 100% your chance of getting sick is significantly reduced. Every Chiropractic adjustment is specifically given to reduce nerve system disturbance, improve the efficiency with which your body deals with stress and move you closer to your 100%. How close to your 100% are you functioning today? Who will be getting sick in your office?

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