Scar Tissue Can Form In As Little As One Hour!

I was a freshman in high school when I broke my finger and actually failed my typing final.


Even though I’d already gotten the cast off, my finger hadn’t healed quite properly and had been in a cast for months. It wouldn’t move and I couldn’t hit the keys right.


It makes sense that when you don’t move your finger for six weeks, and suddenly you take the cast off – it’s not going to move properly right away.


Your body and spine are the same way. If any area of your body doesn’t move for as little as just one hour, scar tissue begins to form on that joint. It does that for a very important reason.


Most of the time, we get up out of bed, we haven’t moved for a bit. We stretch – no harm, no foul. Scar tissue goes away.


Well, imagine those areas of your spine haven’t moved properly – for not just weeks, but months, maybe even years. Getting those moving properly again takes time. Scar tissue builds up.


Most people think losing their range of motion and their flexibility is just part of getting old. That’s not necessarily true. We can help keep you moving, so there’s no reason you have to lose that flexibility.


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