I Wanted To Do Something I Loved

Years ago in high school, I kind of landed a job without really planning it, working as a fitness instructor and then subsequently a manager of a fitness center, even during my senior year in high school.

I loved those jobs so much that I realized that whatever profession I chose, I did know that whatever I decided to do, I wanted to get up every day excited to do it, feeling like I was in the position that I was designed to do, doing the work and serving a purpose that I was meant for.

So I just wanted to let you know that I give you a big thank you for helping me serve that purpose.

I get to go back and serve my community and fulfill myself, because I really know that I’m doing exactly what I was designed for.

I hope you’re doing a job you love today. If you find yourself in a position where maybe you don’t love what you’re doing on a daily basis, find something about what you do that you do love. Focus on that, because when you focus on the positive, your health will thrive, your family will benefit, and you’ll have just a little bit of a better experience of your day, too.

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