Dear Boys, Your Dad Loves You

I’ve been studying Chiropractic everyday for the last 14 years. I’ve got the pathways between the brain and the body that control internal organ function down cold. Ask me about how the reduction of proper spinal motion leads us to the fight/flight response creating high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, diabetes and increased cancers and I can share for hours. I have in my possession functional MRI studies that demonstrate increased brain efficiency immediately subsequent to a single adjustment. I can cite studies that illustrate increased immune response as well as increased serum thiol levels (responsible for DNA repair and longevity) in those under regular Chiropractic care. But when posed the question “How would I feel if I couldn’t adjust my kids for 30 days?” none of those things came to mind.


My initial reaction is visceral. Even the thought of going 30 days without my children being checked for subluxation is devastating. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if that were to ever occur, my sons’ health potential and expression of life would be reduced. And reduced potential and life expression — even 1% less is simply unacceptable to me. When posed the question, “What if I couldn’t check my kids for 30 days?” my heart sinks as I immediately envision opportunities missed. Not opportunities for me to check and adjust them to make certain they don’t get sick. That doesn’t cross my mind at all and isn’t why I adjust Trent and Drake. What I think about is how brilliant they both are and how they’re continually described as advanced for their age. I think about how every day they learn so much and are excited to share their enthusiasm for life with others. In my mind, kids have genetic windows of opportunity. Limited spots in time where they can maximize their experience and understanding of the world around them. Every single moment that they are subluxated, their sense of unity and connection to this world diminishes. They are unable to process all the amazing things around them as quickly as their potential would allow and they miss opportunities to learn, engage and develop to their full, 100% potential.

At the very moment that our nervous system is compromised even 1%, our potential is reduced. The world of endless possibilities becomes altered away from our ultimate potential to a maximum potential that is just a little less than it was before-our ceiling is lowered. Will we ever notice that small divergence? Likely not until these small compromises add up to be unavoidable and obvious. We don’t notice 1%, but when 1% becomes 2%, and then 10%….we are faced with someone whose future becomes irreparably limited.


You see, everything we know about our environment comes through our senses and is processed into our internal reality only AFTER it travels through nerves on its way to our brain. It’s no stretch for any of us to understand what would happen if the Optic Nerve was in a state of disturbance—our vision would be blurred, we might be more sensitive to light, or colors might not seem as vivid. Sight is pretty easy to notice, even if the disturbance is small. But how easy would we notice a slight disturbance in cognition, mental clarity, emotional engagement and control or even agility?


I am crystal clear that chiropractic adjustments allow people to heal more quickly, stay healthier and have more energy. Meanwhile, the real value I create is the un-muddled connection that comes from having a nervous system that is tapped into actual reality. Not a reality filtered through nerves under distress, but one where positive outcomes are identifiable, realistic, achievable AND THE NORM. At no point in our lives will we be faced with more opportunities for growth and excellence than from conception to age 6 or 7 and it is for this reason that I check my kids regularly. I encourage you to do the same for anyone you love — for them and us, so our children can grow up with other kids of 100% expression and potential.

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