Health Is More Than Being Fit


We have so many clients who come into the office believing that health is related to fitness.

While that’s one component, health really means being able to live the life you want.

When I have clients who come in exceptionally fit, eating well, getting enough rest and even having low stress levels, but experiencing something that interrupts their daily life, it becomes a problem.

It becomes unhealthy to them because it’s not an acceptable level of life experience.

Headaches, for example.

I have many clients who come in and say, “Oh it’s just one of my normal headaches that I get three or four times a week,” or, “it’s just one of my normal migraines.”

None of these things are normal, first and foremost.

When it comes to living the life you want don’t accept anything than exceptional.

Come into our office — we’d love to have a conversation with you about what could be improved in your life.

Even if you’re feeling like your fitness level is exceptional and there’s just a small room for improvement between where you are and where you’d like to be, let’s see how we can fill that gap.

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